Our Story


Introduction of Xinzi Rain and Group

In Xinzi Rain, all of our designers explored many times to develop some beautiful existences as if they interpret magic, perfectly interpreted every image symbol, and injected spiritual energy into the paper, and try to make them becomes reality.

We Work For

Beautiful Existences


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In Xinzi Rain, all of our well designed bra is more a work of art than a bra.


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Each piece of Xinzi Rain custom item requires many different manual processes from draft design to sewing, using different materials and professional machines to finish that.

Very Exquisite

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Some of high-end or complicated bras even cost much time just for sewing. Whether it is plate making or sewing, the craftsmanship is very exquisite.

Xinzi Rain defines the beauty that belongs to you, understands the thoughts and requirements of every woman who loves beauty


Every sewing step requires extremely accurate techniques. Behind every piece of Xinzi Rain high-definition underwear is the work of every craftsman.


Needle and thread is even a lifetime craft. The craftsmen continue to inherit the top skills of underwear sewing, follow the brand's consistent style, and sew pieces of high-definition underwear like jewelry.


Grasps the essence of its art and expresses it, and brings strength to every woman wearing Xinzi Rain's underwear, continuous breakthroughs and changes my own power, with this power to move forward romantically.

Our Team


Design Director

Our Production capacity:Xinzi Rain Co., Ltd. has focused on women bras for years, and the sales

team and the production team are in the same location, so that the production schedule, process,

and effect can be more timely, using pictures, Record video or online video chat and send it to customers,

so that customers can understand the progress of their orders in time.

Our Design ability:We are a professional manufacturer of women underwer. We have a strong design team and sample development technology. We can provide ODM & ODM services. We can provide you with customized fitnesswear according to your requirements. And we will recommend new products to our customers every month or cycle.