New innovation on Custom women underwear design services

Life is too short for an uncomfortable, unflattering bra!

Our Founder: She has always loved shoes, and she hopes that all women can wear high heels that fit their feet and give them more strength. Founded an independent shoe design brand in 1998, she focused on researching how to make modern women's shoes that are comfortable and fashionable. She broke the convention and redefined it. Getting women to wear her high heels is no longer a hard task. Wearing high heels that you are not bound to, go to heaven in your dreams.

However, she also strongly desires that women can break herself from underwear with years of underwear wearing experience. She even thought of the concept of "Everyone has a designed underwear" to realize every woman deserves their own unique underwear.

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This is a way to show women full of energy, sexy, and charming. She believes that sexy is not about pleasing others, but another expression of freedom. She started to create an underwear brand in 2004.
She has an unswerving responsibility, a mission of bearing heavy weights, a vision of customer first, and a responsibility of meeting the needs of every customer.
She says: we have always loved to design and sew , we really love a challenge, we are able to sew a really comfortable bra that also happened to look great. The best part was that it made the girls look absolutely fabulous!

everyday people in everyday bras. comfortable bras ,Silhouettes were sleeker, curves were curvier, and perkiness was off the charts! we have been in business for over 10 years and our favourite part about it all is still the confidence we are able to give our customers. People from as far away as American and as close as next door have come for their own, comfortable, sexy,  made-to-measure, wires-never-poking, custom bra.

Post time: Jul-27-2021