Our Development

  • Before that IN 1998
    Before that IN 1998
    Xinzi Rain Apparel co., LTD was established in 2004. Xinzi Rain Group company was founded in 2004 ------main companies include Chengdu Xinzi Rain Shoes company established in 1998 and Xinzi Rain Apparel co., LTD.
  • The founder: Tina Zhang,She and her husband Brave Liang, founded an independent shoe design brand in 1998:Chengdu Xinzi Rain Shoes company, after that, She began to learn women costume design, set up her own R&D team, and She focused on researching how to make the comfortable and fashionable women costume.
  • Xinzi Rain Apparel co., LTD then was founded in 2004, Passion and focus on the industry, break the routine and just to reposition everything, Xinzi Rain Apparel co., LTD. have made a great success in the field of fashion design in China. original and unexpected designs, combined with unique vision and tailoring skills, have taken the brand to new heights.
  • In the process of development, Xinzi Rain also has the courage to shoulder social responsibilities, supporting the Wenchuan earthquake, caring for and supporting the education of children in poor areas.
  • From 2016 to 2018, the brand has been listed on various fashion lists, and has participated in the official schedule of Fashion Week. In August 2019, the brand won the title of the most influential brand of women dress in Asia.
  • Now


    Xinzi Rain Apparel co., LTD. has focused on women bras for years, and the sales team and the production team are in the same location, so that the production schedule, process,
    and effect can be more timely, using pictures, Record video or online video chat and send it to customers,welcome you business partner batch customization, and batch orders.