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Di&or clothing For reference, the suits of its designers are beautiful, will it draw your sight? I’m sure you’ll be interested in them. Fashionable design, popular brand, good quality, comfortable feeling, a variety of styles to choose.Bur&berryStatement once more: these goods are not for sale here, but if  you want more infor, Just leave us msg or Email.

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there are also many brands, such as L&V, Gu&cci, Di&or, Fen&di, Versac&e, Chane&l, Bur&berry and other brands. We have selected several brands for the exhibition, I hope you can understand. Of course, if you want to know more, you can contact us directly, we have professional staff to answer for you.





In the international world, many people do not know how to find these products accurately when they search for them. Here, you can use Designers or brand Designer to search. For some reasons known to everyone, the search can only be more like this. We have contact information below.you are very interested in these styles, and we are also very interested in them, so here, I will show you the design results of some top designers, there are many brands of clothes, interest is one thing, whether to buy is another thing.

What about our delivery speed? This problem is very common, but it does not respect us.
After confirming the underwear samples, the mass production speed is very fast, because we have our own professional team, efficient production line and experienced workers, and the packaging process is clean and unpolluted, and the packing is orderly. We also have an efficient logistics and transportation cooperation companies. Whether by air, sea or land, it is cheaper and time saving.



Then, for these brand product quality problem, here, I also want to give you do a simple introduction, these products, in our opinion, the quality products of the same brand were similar, even the work is very close, because the quality is good, bright color is clear, no fading, not shrinking, wearing comfortable, a lot of people like them.
and here are our Email and contact information, pls feel free to contact us or send email to get more infor.


Customized services and solutions.

  • 内衣定制展示1000

    XinziRain focuses on women lingerie: lounge wear, sexy lingerie, swimsuits & swimwear, bras and bra set.

    We provide Wholesale women lingere,  lingerie customization service.

    Custom brand logo lounge wear, low MOQ, welcome to contact for best sellers or custom your products

    Swimsuits:designers bikini set,sexy bikini,ladies bikini,surfing bikini,ladies bathing suits

    OEM/ODM Service, free sample, fast delivery,to help customers to provide one-stop “Fashion Wearing”. To design and make, pls feel free to send us inquiry/E-mail, leave your msg, add whatsapp number, or call us, you are very welcome!

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