About the Founder

About Founder

She has always loved shoes, and hopes that all women can wear high heels that fit themselves and give them more strength. Founded an independent shoe design brand in 1998, mainly focused on researching how to make modern women's shoes that are comfortable and fashionable. And have been trying to break the routine and redefinition. Getting women to wear their high heels is no longer a hard task. And wearing the unfettered high heels, go to where they hope to go.

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However, years of lingerie experience have left her with a strong desire for women to break their own routine, she even thought of the concept of "Designed For Oneself" to realize every woman deserves their own unique underwear. It is full of energy, sexy, charm, it is another expression of women's beauty.
She has always believed that being sexy is not just about pleasing others, but also about freedom. So started to create an own brand in 2004, and in this way, there will be a steadfast responsibility, a mission of bearing and going far, a vision of customer first, and a responsibility to constantly listen to and meet customer demands. The brand has gone through 17 years under her leadership.

After continuous research and experimentation, has unanimously received recognition and praise from customers in the following varieties, such as Sexy Lingerie, Sportswear, and Seamless Bra&Brief Sets. In her belief, every woman, regardless of age, occupation, and figure, they deserve their own underwear.

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Xinzi Rain has achieved great success due to its extremely comfortable wearing experience and fashionable design. Its reputation has also begun to circulate, and it is madly loved by many independent women.

The ultimate dream is to bring power to every woman who wears their own underwear from Xinzi Yu, to constantly break through and change their own power, to complete their dream with this power, and to move forward arbitrarily and romantically...